Over the last five years existing industry projects represent 45% of the investment and 54% of the jobs created in our economic development projects.

We recognize the importance of our local companies and have a Business Retention and Expansion program to assist our existing industries. We want to help you grow and offer you support, whether it is helping with an expansion, directing you to the proper resource, providing workforce and training information, or promoting workshops, webinars, job fairs, or grant programs that may be helpful.  We want to help you with your challenges so you can focus on running your business successfully.

Over the last five years existing industry projects represent 45% of the investment and 54% of the jobs created in our economic development projects.  Some of the most recent announcements include:

Selected Recent Existing Industry Projects
Company Product Investment Jobs
WestRock Packaging & Printing $23,300,000 25
CommScope  Fiber Optic & Telecommunications $60,300,000 250
Feetures Socks $11,600,000 25
Pregis Flexible Packaging $11,200,000 10
Joulin Vacuum Grippers & Stackers $1,000,000 10
Nufabrx Pharma & Textiles $10,000,000 45
Interstate Foam Foam Products $7,483,977 50
Sherrill Furniture Furniture $2,096,000 90
CommScope Fiber Optic & Telecommunications $50,000,000 100
Westrock Paper & Packaging $47,000,000 50
Poppelmann Plastics $19,000,000 100
Corning Fiber Optic & Telecommunications $150,000,000 200
Room & Board Distribution Center $9,000,000 6
Apple Data Center $448,000,000 -

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